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The Market

We are happy to offer you the same ingredients used in our delicious meals at both of our markets. We carry rare Middle Eastern spices and ingredients. 

Are you looking to make a delicious home cooked meal for your family? Look no further - the Shahrazad Marketplace can help you with all of your needs! We offer diverse grocery products from Turkey, Pakistan, the Middle East, Somalia, India and Persia. Shahrazad imports many foods from these places that are challenging to find in the United States including exotic cheeses, soft drinks, and pastries. Our wide selection of exotic spices and herbs will suite the needs of any meal you desire. We love helping our customers with recipe ideas and finding the right ingredients for their cooking. We also do our best to import customized orders- if you have a special request, feel free to ask.

The Shahrazad butcher shop supplies fresh & delicious Halal lamb, beef, chicken, turkey, and other meats from local Utah farms. We provide our customers with same-day service as well as specialty orders for large gatherings and holidays.

Our shop offers local halal meat, rare spices, yogurt soda and specialities like our Armenian cheese or eggplant caviar. We also carry hookahs and exotic tobacco products.